child of words 2



child of words 2

Child of Words Issue #2
(September 2014)

Child of Words Issue #2 (September 2014)
48 pages

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In this issue of Child of Words, the magazine of science fiction and fantasy, you’ll meet a spy braving enemy lines guarded by dragons, and a scientist looking for the future of fashion. You'll get deja vu on the commuter rail and scour the bayou for a portal to the past. You'll experience the future of computer dating, the cure for a broken heart, and infernal MMORPGs. You'll await the end of the world at summer camp and uncover geometric mysteries with an ancient astronomer.

"Mercier’s Flight" by Alexander F. Burns
"Fashionably Early" by Conda V. Douglas
"Crossed Signals" by Mira Desai
"Atakapa Sunset" by Willis Couvilier
"E-Life" by Tony Haynes
"A Decade Later" by Shane M. Gavin
"Pwned" by Shaun O. McCoy
"Sleepaway Camp Survivors Journal Entry #36" by Clay Waters
"The Curse of Zeno the Hellene" by Robert Quinlivan

"The Julian Period" by L.B. Sedlacek
"Macramé" by L.B. Sedlacek
"Earth’s Last Stand" by L.B. Sedlacek
"Magical Thinking" by Daniel W. Galef