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Big Pulp Fall 2012: We Honor Those Who Serve

Big Pulp: We Honor Those Who Serve
Fall 2012
174 pages
ISBN: 0983644942

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A military archivist documents the memorial tattoos adorning the war heroes of a dystopian future, in Steve Singleman's "We Honor Those Who Serve."

Stories and poems in this issue include:

Science Fiction
"We Honor Those Who Serve" by Steve Singleman
"The Pawn’s Dancers" by Conda V. Douglas
"Family Album" by WC Roberts
"For Now, However, the Dragons Have Free Rein" by Sharon Kae Reamer
"Job Posting" by Stephen D. Rogers

"Widow in Red" by J.M. Sirrico
"The Fix" by J.M. Sirrico
"Not for Long" by Cecelia Chapman
"Moonlight Night: Winter" by Lyn Lifshin
"His Last Wrong Turn" by Adam Walter

"Honey Bee" by Anna Sykora
"Dragons 101" by Trina Jacobs
"The Widow" by John Hayes

"The Albino Dies" by Tim Lieder
"Caller ID" by Nelson Kingfisher
"The Body in the Basement" by D.R. Rice
"The Five and Dime Sinners" by Coy Hall

"Return to Nature" by Dylan Gilbert
"Trick or Treat" by Floris M. Kleijne
"Setting the Table" by Neil Weston
"Thaw" by Thomas Canfield
"Neighborhood Watch" by Terrie Leigh Relf
"Dental Scam" by Terrie Lee Relf
"eROTic" by Jeni Decker
"Gray" by Jeff Hemenway
"The Steerage" by Lyn Lifshin