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Big Pulp: The Biggin Hill Duel

Big Pulp: The Biggin Hill Duel
Spring 2012
188 pages
ISBN: 0983644926

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A private detective with a keen sense for ratiocination must unravel a bizarre love triangle to solve a murder in Adrian Ludens' steampunk mystery "The Biggin Hill Duel."

This issue also features:

"The Biggin Hill Duel" by Adrian Ludens
"The Last Days of Maxwell Sweet" by Murphy Edwards
"A Serpent in Eden" by Heather Parker

"To Right A Wrong" by Devyani Borade
"The Hunt" by Gustavo Rendall

"Rat Trap" by Barbara Siples
"No Point If You Don’t Believe" by John Grey
"Study For Head Held Up By Spikes" by John Grey
"Our Mutual Friend" by Rochelle Cashdan
"Your Wishes Are Granted" by Guy Belleranti
"Night Bird" by John F.D. Taff

Science Fiction
"Worth The Price" by Kent Rosenberger
"I Am The Designer Studio" by Terrie Leigh Relf
"Reality Shows for Dummies" by Terrie Leigh Relf
"Special Great’s Made Of People" by Thomas Farringer-Logan
"Little Miss Potato Head" by Robert Laughlin
"Please Fiddle Louder" by Robert Laughlin
"Futures" by David C. Kopaska-Merkel and Kendall Evans
"A Touch of Heresy" by Samuel Mae

"Nothing Can Bring Back The Hour" by Skylar Hamilton Burris
"No Strings Attached" by T.N. Collie
"Adult Things" by Robyn Ritchie
"Romantic Movie" by Tim Lieder

"Domestic Diva" by Alex Gorman
"The Dirge Of Riders To Certain Death" by James F.W. Rowe
"The Idiot" by K.J. Kabza