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Big Pulp: Ted Bundy's Beetle

Big Pulp: Ted Bundy's Beetle
Winter 2010
211 pages

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The one that started it all! A used car dealer comes into possession of the Volkswagon Beetle used by serial killer Ted Bundy to kidnap and transport his victims, in Jarrid Deaton's "Ted Bundy's Beetle," a tale of creeping psychological horror. The cover photo is a dramatic shot of the actual death car!

The debut issue of the all-genre Big Pulp features 25 science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery, romance, and adventure stories and poems, including:

"Ted Bundy’s Beetle" by Jarrid Deaton
"Snuff" by Tim Lieder
"Life In Miniature" by Tracie McBride
"Vamp Squad" by Jeremy Ryan

Science Fiction
"Section 3A" by Josh Roseman
"Memories of Once Being" by Tony Haynes
"Why Fried Chicken Matters" by James F.W. Rowe
"Solomon’s Calliope" by E.A. Manning

"Every Time’s The First" by Sarah Hilary
"Baking With Jane" by Sari Krosinsky
"Lunch With JFK" by Sari Krosinsky
"Trespass" by Sari Krosinsky
"How Am I Gonna Play Guitar Now?" by Marina Julia Neary
"Coals Popped In The Fireplace" by Shea McCandless
"January 3rd Love" by Kenneth P. Gurney

"Osaka Dreams" by James R. Stratton
"Balesat’s Ashes" by Betsy Dornbusch

"Cat Had A Tail" by Steve Bennett
"Southern Comfort" by Michael Bracken
"What Would Philip Marlowe Do" by James Michael Stewart
"Two Bullets, One Shot" by Jason Ridler
"Port Hope Christmas" by Jason Ridler

"The Bear" by Michael D. Turner
"Make Ready A Grave, My Friend, Volero Shoots To Kill!" by Coy Hall
"The Case of the Villainous Vanishing Act" by Timothy Sayell