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Big Pulp Winter 2012: Lot's Crawlers

Big Pulp: Lot's Crawlers
Winter 2012
200 pages
ISBN: 0983644950

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A string of grisly murders and missing persons cases puts a young police officer at risk of becoming food for worms in "Lot's Crawlers" by Joel V. Kela. In Michael Andre-Druissi's alternative history "Hitler's Hollywood", Rita Hayworth's career takes a strange turn and alters the course of WWII.

This issue also features:

"Lot’s Crawlers" by Joel V. Kela
"Stereotyping Zombies" by Patricia La Barbera
"Thank You for Your Attention to This Splatter" by Patricia La Barbera
"The Coffin Maker" by Patricia La Barbera
"The Morning After" by David Birch
"Children of an Angry Sea" by Michael D. Turner
"Indigestion" by KJ Hannah Greenberg
"Ghost Talkers" by L.B. Sedlacek
"Cruising the Mediterranean" by William Doreski
"A Glass Coffin" by William Doreski
"Stalling Our Elopement" by William Doreski

Science Fiction
"Hitler’s Hollywood" by Michael Andre-Druissi
"Failure to Communicate" by Gerri Leen
"We Only Took a Few Cuttings" by Terrie Leigh Relf
"News Alert! December 21, 2012 is Upon Us…" by Terrie Leigh Relf
"Can You Tell Me The Way to Haven?" by Brian Trent

"Flying Objects" by Walter Giersbach
"The Complete Works of Ellery Queen" by Emanuel Pettener (Tom Di Salvo, translator)

"Inside Out" by DeAnna Knippling
"Ethnicity" by F.J. Bergmann
"Chubby Chaser" by Sean McGrath
"The Weight of the Wish" by Benjamine Kensey
"King Me" by David C. Kopaska-Merkel
"Hero’s Feast" by Holger Nahm

"Take One, Before Bed" by Catherine Boyle
"Thicker Than Water" by Tony Haynes
"Noir" by Fred Skolnik