Big Pulp Summer 2013: Catskin

Big Pulp: Catskin
Summer 2013
164 pages
ISBN: 0983644977

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The son of a smalltown sheriff takes crime prevention into his own hands, but his curiosity may get the best of him in Arley Sorg's "Catskin."

This issue also features:

"Catskin" by Arley Sorg
"Christian Litton and the Jersey Devil" by Michael D. Turner
"The Black Orb" by Natalie Stachowski
"Curse of the Black Phantom" by Jason Ridler
"The Short Story Club" by Lyn C.A. Gardner
"To My Literary Rival" by Lyn C.A. Gardner

"Better Than Bad" by Daniel Davis
"High Costs of Support" by Brandon Nolta
"Going South" by Scotch Rutherford
"Peyote and Double Martinis" by Catfish McDaris
"The Serial Killer’s Wife" by Paco José Madden

"The Heart of Darkest Tortugeuro" by Geoffrey W. Cole
"A Woman of Some Sense" by Andrez Bergen

"Touch" by Nu Yang
"Field of Sorrows" by WC Roberts
"The Lumberjack" by Philip Roberts
"Now, She’s Done It!" by Django Mathijsen
"Into the Woods" by Gwyn Ryan

Science Fiction
"Better Things To Do, Really" by David C. Kopaska-Merkel
"Bad Deal on Hollux Two" by Timothy A. Sayell
"The Canau Deception" by Chris Longhurst

"The Flightless" by Tracy Hauser
"…and then it crawled into my bed" by Terrie Leigh Relf