Fellow Travelers

Book your passage to join Big Pulp as a fellow traveler on our publishing journey. Learn how you can support Big Pulp on our Patreon page.

$500 and up

Only the most dedicated travelers reach the mythical valley, where harmony, enlightenment, and near immortality
await. Become a resident of Shangri-La to experience the highest levels of peace and Big Pulp companionship.

$400 and up

You've reached the legendary continent, home to a civilization of super-scientists whose creations are often
indistinguishable from magic. However, local gossip says the city elders are a warlike people and the land is at high risk of sinking. Keep traveling!

$300 and up

Your mighty feats have earned your seat in the hall of gods. Should you tire of the realm of never-ending battle,
continue on to the higher planes.

El Dorado
$200 and up

You've reached the Empire of Gold, where the streets are lined with precious metals and gems. But traveler beware:
your companions may covet your purse. Keep going!

$100 and up

You've reached the thriving city on the shore of Lake Erie, home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Don't mind
the tremors; that's just the hellmouth. But if you want to keep your blood on the inside, keep moving!

Arkham, Mass.
$50 and up

The traveling city has dropped you in a town of dark legends. If you value your sanity - and the lives
of your children - leave quickly and don't look back!

$25 and up

The Scottish village of lore, a land of perpetual sunshine and health. It's a nice place to visit, but you
don't want to wait 100 years for the next chance to move on.


The Green Room for the Unsaved. It isn't Hell, but it can get boring. Few find happiness here,
and none satisfaction. Buy your way out with an indulgence or two.