Summer 2013 Featured Story:
by Arley Sorg

FANTASY: Christian Litton and the Jersey Devil by Michael D. Turner; The Black Orb by Natalie Stachowski; Curse of the Black Phantom by Jason Ridler; The Short Story Club and To My Literary Rival by Adele Gardner

MYSTERY: Better Than Bad by Daniel Davis; High Costs of Support by Brandon Nolta: Going South by Scotch Rutherford; Peyote and Double Martinis by Catfish McDaris; The Serial Killer's WIfe by Paco Jose Madden

ADVENTURE: A Woman of Some Sense by Andrez Bergen; The Heart of Darkest Tortuguero by Geoffrey W. Cole

HORROR: Touch by Nu Yang; The Lumberjack by Philip Roberts; Field of Sorrows by W.C. Roberts; Now, She's Done It! by Django Mathijsen; Into the Woods by Gwyn Ryan

SCIENCE FICTION: Bad Deal on Hollux Two by Timothy A. Sayell; The Canau Deception by Chris Longhurst; Better Things to Do, Really by David C. Kopaska-Merkel

ROMANCE: The Flightless by Tracy Hauser; and then it crawled into my bed... by Terrie Leigh Relf

Cover illustration by Phil Good


This feature and more great
fiction & poetry are available in
Big Pulp Spring 2013:
A Question of Storage

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Purchase books and subscriptions
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