Spring 2013 Featured Story:
A Question of Storage
by John Bowker

ROMANCE: Within the Rain Zone by Changming Yuan; My Wife Has Black Hair by Tim Lieder; Less than Three but No More than Two by Alison Downs; Buddies by Wayne Scheer

FANTASY: This Little Piggy by K.C. Ball; Iron Pump, Hard Water by Catherine Batac Walder; Alehouse Dragon by Michael Bracken

MYSTERY: Open Frame by Lee Hammerschmidt; Mercury by Tom Larsen; Donkey Dick by Thomas Pluck; The Stand-In by Steven Axelrod

ADVENTURE: Harbinger of Arroyo Seco by Milo James Fowler

HORROR: The Sirens of McIlvaine Gap by Jason Reynolds; Red Teeth, Red Sails by K.C. Shaw; The Rabbit by Erin Pringle-Toungate; That One Shot by Dustin Walker; horrorku by Terrie Leigh Relf

SCIENCE FICTION: Repelling Down the Miranda Ice Cliffs, Martian Sprawl, & the Unwritten Mythology of Mars by Lee Clark Zumpe; Paula by Court Merrigan; The Future of Vanity by Luke Lloyd; Johnny Fatlip meets Lucy Pearl in: Undersea Grand Larcey by Malon Edwards; Two Lumps and a Pair of Glasses by James A. Newman; The Digital Mortician by Robert Bagnall; Anonymous Graffiti by Shane D. Rhinewald

Cover illustration by Phil Good


This feature and more great
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Big Pulp Spring 2013:
A Question of Storage

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Purchase books and subscriptions
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