Spring 2012 Featured Story:
The Biggin Hill Duel
by Adrian Ludens

MYSTERY: The Last Days of Maxwell Sweet by Murphy Edwards; A Serpent In Eden by Heather Parker

ADVENTURE: To Right A Wrong by Devyani Borade; The Hunt by Gustavo Arevalo Rendall

HORROR: Rat Trap by Barb Siples; No Point If You Don't Believe & Study For Head Held Up By Spikes by John Grey; Our Mutual Friend by Rochelle Cashdan; Your Wishes Are Granted by Guy Belleranti; Night Bird by John F.D. Taff

SCIENCE FICTION: Worth The Price by Kent Rosenberger; I Am The Designer Studio & Reality Show For Dummies by Terrie Leigh Relf; Special Great's Made Of People by Thomas Farringer-Logan; Little Miss Potato Head & Please Fiddle Louder by Robert Laughlin; Futures by David C. Kopaska-Merkel and Kendall Evans; A Touch of Heresy by Samual Mae

ROMANCE: No Strings Attached by T.N. Collie; Nothing Can Bring Back The Hour by Skylar Hamilton Burris; Adult Things by Robyn Ritchie; Romantic Movie by Tim Lieder

FANTASY: Domestic Diva by Alex Gorman; The Dirge Of Riders To Certain Death by James F.W. Rowe; The Idiot by KJ Kabza Cover illustration by Ken Knudtsen


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