M Issue 1 (May 2014)


The debut issue of M, the magazine of murder, mystery, and the macabre!


The debut issue of M, the magazine of murder, mystery, and the macabre! M is a pair of cousins with a corpse in the trunk. It’s the child with the gift of prophecy and the little girl whose best friend is a spider. It’s a man being slowly devoured alive at the bottom of a pit. M is hunting out of season. It’s a family who makes a bad deal and a woman giving birth in total darkness. It’s date rape and revenge.

It starts with a man with a shotgun.

This issue features work by Steve Passey, Helen W, Shannon Schuren, Don Norum, Jake Walters, Ellen Larson, Katrina Ray-Saulis, Steven Wolf, Philip Roberts, Simon Perchik, Robert Laughlin, Stephen D. Rogers, and Ron Larson. Cover by Luke Spooner.

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