Big Pulp Annual 2016


Our annual anthology collecting the science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery, and romance fiction and poems originally published in the MChild of Words, and Thirst ebooks. Featuring work by Jason S. Ridler, Tom Conoboy, LaShawn M. Wanak, Thomas Canfield, Cathy C. Hall, Erik Secker, Michael Bracken, David Melody, Wayne Scheer, Shannon Schuren, Anna Sykora, Sanford Allen, Keyan Bowes, Tim Deal, Adam Armour, Kristine Ong Muslim, Brian Anglin, J.A. Kazimer, Kristen McHenry, Terrie Leigh Relf, Match Ryan, Helen Silverstein, David James Keaton, D.N. Drake, James Boone Dryden, Marina Julia Neary, Don Norum, and Paul Lorello.


Our annual anthology collects the science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery, and romance fiction and poems published in the MChild of Words, and Thirst ebooks. Stories and poems in this issue include:

“Melancholy Dust” by Jason S. Ridler
“Skin Like Shining Armour” by Tom Conoboy
“Lavender and Chamomile” by LaShawn M. Wanak
“Riding to Hounds” by Thomas Canfield
“Mary Beth’s Prophecy” by Cathy C. Hall

“Crisp” by Erik Secker
“Dead Things” by Michael Bracken
“For Sale” by David Melody
“Doing God’s Work” by Wayne Scheer
“Psychic Karma by” Shannon Schuren
“A Burning Question” by Anna Sykora

“Burma Jukebox” by Sanford Allen
“Lepers” by Keyan Bowes
“The Deep End” by Tim Deal
“Mike (My Second Roommate)” by Adam Armour
“Resurrection of a Paper Doll Cutout”, “The Invisible Tourists”, and “In Jack’s Time” by Kristine Ong Muslim

“Einstein Rode Bitch” by Brian Anglin
“Honey, Is That a Dead Hooker Under the Bed?” by J.A. Kazimer
“Spock: A Romance in Quotes” by Kristen McHenry
“On the Many Uses of Duct Tape for Resolving Relationship Issues” by Terrie Leigh Relf
“When Molly the Necrophiliac Went on a Date With Suicide Stanley” by Match Ryan
“It Might As Well Be Me” by Helen Silverstein

Science Fiction
“Sharks With Thumbs” by David James Keaton”Remedy Blue” by D.N. Drake
“Affections Between Space” by James Boone Dryden
“My Salieri Complex” by Marina Julia Neary
“Finishers of Men” by Don Norum
“O Holy Night” by Paul Lorello

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