Written by bigpulp

Selina Rosen

Selina Rosen by bigpulp

Selina Rosen’s short fiction has appeared in several magazines and anthologies including Sword and Sorceress, Turn the Other Chick, the two newest Thieves’ World anthologies, Here Be Dragons (2008 Dragon*Con anthology), Which Way to the Mall, Strip Mauled, Space Sirens, Space Grunts, Wolf Song, Vol I, Haunted Hearths, and Aoife’s Kiss, to name a few. Among her 14 published novels are Queen of Denial, the Chains of Freedom trilogy, Strange RobbyThe Host trilogy, Fire & IceHammer Town, The Holmes & Storm Mysteries (with Laura J. Underwood), Jabone’s Sword, Black Rage, and How I Spent the Apocalypse. She also has two published novellas, “The Boatman” and “Material Things”, and a collection of her short humorous fiction entitled The Bubba Chronicles. Her first two plays, In Herman’s Garage and Living the Dream, premiered to sold-out crowds at the Mulberry Community Theater in Mulberry, Arkansas. Her continuing episodic series, “The House”, is available online at selinarosen.com. You can contact Selina through her website, or email her at selinarosen@cox.net.