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Michael Andre-Driussi

Michael Andre-Driussi by bigpulp

Michael Andre-Driussi’s fiction has been published in such places as ParaSpheresInterzone, and M-Brane SF. He is best known for his genre reference books Lexicon UrthusSnake’s-hands (co-edited with Alice K. Turner), and The Wizard Knight’s Companion. A big fan of mashups of all sorts, Michael often recuts public domain films into new movies—for example, he took the noir-classic Detour and made a series of three different short videos (“Rte. Duo,” “Red Out,” and “Routed”). This sort of activity naturally led to his story “Hitler’s Hollywood.”

Michael remembers yester-years of youth spent with a stack of fantasy novels by such authors as Robert E. Howard, Michael Moorcock, Lord Dunsany, Roger Zelazny, and Jack Vance. Heroic worlds, goblin tribes, eldritch wizardry, with wonder and adventure around every corner. He recalls burning through these books with a pleasure like that of eating potato chips, then talking with schoolmates, sharing notes, and books, and dreams.

Big Pulp credits
Hitler’s Hollywood, originally published in Big Pulp Winter 2012: Lot’s Crawlers
The Tavern of the First Village
, originally published in Child of Words Issue #1 (May 2014)