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Julie Mark Cohen

Julie Mark Cohen by bigpulp

Julie Mark Cohen, PhD, PE, SECB, is a consulting structural and forensic engineer. She has selectively published four dozen flash fiction and short stories. “Unabashedly, Eduardo.” is one of 85 stories in her recently-completed SciFi novel, Asymmetrically, Seyfert. Two flash fiction pieces, “A Temblor of a Different Magnitude” and “Manmade Hazards,” were published online and in print by the Grey Sparrow Journal, the former nominated for the 2010 PEN/O. Henry prize. She is the author of two dramatic, suspenseful, nearly-completed novels, Shear Folly and The Fourth Alarm, each with unusual, engaging protagonists: structural engineers. Julie is seeking a literary agent and can be reached at jmcohen1028@gmail.com.