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Emanuele Pettener

Emanuele Pettener by bigpulp

Emanuele Pettener teaches Italian Language and Literature at Florida Atlantic University (Boca Raton), where in 2004 he received a Ph.D in Comparative Studies with a dissertation on John Fante. He has published numerous short-stories in Italian literary magazines, and has started to break the American market, most recently in The Mississippi CrowThe American DrivelSliptongue, and Bewildering Stories. Emanuele is the author of two books: E’ sabato mi hai lasciato e sono bellissimo, a novel (Corbo Editore, Ferrara, 2009) and Nel nome del padre del figlio e dell’umorismo. I romanzi di John Fante, an essay (Franco Cesati Editore, Florence, 2010). He also edited the collection of articles and short-stories, Essere o non essere italoamericani (Greco&Greco, Milan, 2009).