Written by bigpulp

E. Manning-Pogé

E. Manning-Pogé by bigpulp

E. Manning-Pogé lives in New York City with her wife, PJ (a half-elf gypsy expat), Razzle (an enchanted puggle), and a menagerie of crickets, mushrooms and succubae. They reside aboard the Manning family dirigible, The Cheshire Moon, which has stood anchored to the west pylon of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge for generations, is fashioned entirely of saltwater taffy, and must be filled weekly with kitten sneezes to keep her aloft. The author has previously been published in various places—including Big Pulp (as E. A. Manning), Blithe House Quarterly, and Word Riot—and is currently working on her first novel, a supernatural noir thriller. When not writing, the author enjoys chemistry.