Written by bigpulp

Dawn D’Aries

Dawn D’Aries by bigpulp

Dawn D’Aries has made a living as a journalist, ice cream scooper, telemarketer, bank teller and camp counselor, but has never worked in a dry cleaner’s. Her play Contemporary Saintsrecently was staged in Scranton, PA as part of the Jason Miller Playwrights’ Invitational, her poetry was part of Poetry in Transit in northeastern Pennsylvania, and her fiction and nonfiction can be found online at HippocampusToasted Cheese, and Fiction 365. She also dabbles in screenwriting and has been known to do readings on occasion in Pennsylvania and New York City. When she’s not at the computer, she conducts workshops for imaginative writers of all ages. She’ll earn her MFA from Wilkes University in 2013.