Written by bigpulp

Bernie Mojzes

Bernie Mojzes by bigpulp

Much to his embarrassment, Bernie Mojzes has outlived Lord Byron, Percy Shelley, Janice Joplin and the Red Baron, without even once having been shot down over Morlancourt Ridge. Having failed to achieve a glorious martyrdom, he has instead turned his hand to the penning of paltry prose in the pathetic hope that he shall here find the notoriety that has thus far proven elusive. In his copious free time, he co-edits an online magazine known variously and non-exhaustively as Unlikely StoryThe Journal of Unlikely Entomology, and The Journal of Unlikely Cryptography. Should Pity or perhaps a Perverse Curiosity move you to seek him out, he can be found at kappamaki.com, wherein one might find a list of other titles to avoid.