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Otto Rahn And The Nazi Crusade For The Holy Grail

Otto Rahn And The Nazi Crusade For The by bigpulp

Otto Rahn was an openly gay and liberal-leaning historian in search of the Holy Grail, who ended up hunting for the artifact under the auspices of Heinrich Himmler, head of the SS. After he failed to find the Grail, Rahn was assigned a tour of duty as a guard at Dachau. After resigning from the SS, he was found frozen to death in the mountains, an apparent suicide. In case you’re wondering where the fictional trope of harsh punishment for failed minions came from…

Though both searched for the Holy Grail, gay Nazi Rahn couldn’t be much more an opposite of Indiana Jones. What other iconic figures could have their gender, sexuality, or entire personality swapped while maintaining the core personality and motivations? What evil historical figure could be morphed into a heroic character, while still having the same central characteristics?

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