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Writing Prompt: Inside Dearfield

Writing Prompt: Inside Dearfield by bigpulp

NBC News–of all places–has the story of Dearfield, Colorado, a ghost town that once was a booming all-black settlement. Founded in 1910 by Oliver Toussaint Jackson, the town was intended to be a self-sustaining all-black town at a time when African-Americans weren’t allowed to buy property in and around Denver. In its prime, Dearfield boasted several hundred black residents and thriving farms, as well as forward-thinking gender equality. Jackson’s wife ran the town during the week while her husband was in Denver at his office.

Tragically, Dearfield fell victim to the Dust Bowl, its population waning significantly by 1930. Today, researchers at the University of Northern Colorado are currently working to preserve the history of the town.

Great setting for a story.

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